Mister X: Eviction
Mister X: Eviction
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Mister X: Eviction

TitleMister X: Eviction
DescriptionThe psychetecture upon which Radiant City was built is driving its residents insane, and only Mister X can help! If that wasn't enough, a government coup has thrust Radiant City into turmoil, initiating a countdown that could embroil everyone Mister X holds dear in a deadly new conflict! This volume collectsMister X: Eviction#1-#3,Mister X: Hard Candy, and the rarely seen short storyMister X: The Vanishing Breed. A great jumping-on point to the classic series! What is the secret behind Radiant City's pyschetecture?
Release date

Title: Mister X: Eviction

  • Mister X: Eviction TPB10/6/2017