Anya's Ghost
Anya's Ghost
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Anya's Ghost

TitleAnya's Ghost
DescriptionAnya Borzakovskaya is an immigrant from Russia who lives in the United States, alongside her mother and brother, Sasha. Anya is unpopular at her New England private school, aside from her best friend Siobhan and fellow Russian immigrant Dima, who Anya avoids due to being too “fresh off the boat,” and wishes to join the popular kids, including Sean, the object of her affections, and Elizabeth, Sean’s girlfriend. Walking through the park one day, after deciding to skip school, Anya falls down a large hole in the forest, which she finds contains a skeleton. The skeleton’s ghost, a shy, homely girl soon appears and explains that she had fallen down the hole and died of thirst after breaking her neck ninety years ago. She expresses a wish to befriend and help Anya, but is unable to do so as she can't move very far from her bones.
Release date

Title: Anya's Ghost

  • Anya's Ghost Issue #14/10/2016